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Imaging CD Mailers

The Imaging CD Mailer was created as the premier CD mailer for hospital radiology departments and imaging centers. Each mailer is custom designed to connect and educate in an engaging way. We are able to highlight your greatest features, from award winning staff to newly updated facilities and technology. We make sure your branding is strongly featured during the design process.

Patient Discharge Folders

The Patient Discharge Folder was created to help reduce the readmission rates for hospitals. We found that many hospitals were giving their patients a stack of paperwork that often left the patient confused or got misplaced. Thus, it resulted in some patients returning for avoidable readmissions. We believe that the more you can empower patients to take control of their ongoing care the better everyone will be. By giving the patient a working folder will help them keep the different pieces of the discharge process organized.

Ultrasound Keepsake Folders

The birth of a child is a very exciting time in people’s lives! With our Ultrasound Keepsakes Folder your patients have a practical and attractive way to preserve their ultrasound images. This simple, functional, and elegant design makes it easy to share these memories with friends and family for years to come.

Physician Referral Folders

Our Physician Referral Folder was designed with the busy doctor in mind. With easy to navigate and read pages it has never been easier to communicate and make it easy for another physician direct a patient to you.

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