How FLDR Can Help You Stand Out From Your Competition

Anything you have with your organization’s name attached to it must be high-quality and professional in appearance. Otherwise your business misses the mark on branding and marketing. Your patients will be less likely to keep such materials, which is a huge fail on your part. Fortunately for you FLDR Designs offers everything from home health […]

Protecting Precious Memories With FLDR

More than ever, keepsakes are an integral part of creating a family legacy. We all want a connection that lasts throughout the years. With so many elements of our lives “going digital,” having a tangible way to stay organized and connected is more valuable than ever. That’s why FLDR Designs founder Klingzell is proud to […]

Getting Organized With FLDR Designs

Have you ever noticed that a root word in organization is organize? There’s a reason for that. A productive organization requires a well-designed system to keep it in operation day in and day out. In healthcare this begins and ends with your patients. The more your organization can accomplish, the more successful it is. Are […]

How To Build An Effective Presentation Folder With FLDR Designs

Presenting information to a potential client or partner requires an effective design and strategy. A presentation folder is more than a simple way to carry information and materials. It is a subtle way to reinforce your brand name and build the image of your company. Select the Right Type of Folder The first part of […]

The Importance of Proper Branding from Tanner Klingzell at FLDR Designs

Every time you stop for a cup of your favorite coffee or switch on the TV, you unconsciously develop brand awareness. Branding is a necessary part of doing business and enables customers to have a set expectation of a particular product or service. Hospitals and private medical practices are not immune to the influence of […]

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